[DEV] FoV + lightshader


The field of view now changes when zooming and dashing to give a sense of focus and speed.


I also made a system that makes objects between 2 checkpoints pulse. The intensity and speed needs further tweaking though.

[DEV] Tweaks and shaders

Last week I mostly did some minor tweaking of code blueprints and shaders. We want to have a glow effect on the world that guides the player through the level which requires diving into shaders and material instances.

[DEV] Fully playable level

This week I finished the blockout for level 1. It’s now fully playable, initial feedback says it’s too hard though. I’ll add some easier paths later.

[DEV] Level layout

This week I worked on some sketches for our levels. We decided to make one big level and let the player visit different areas of it as levels.


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The player can now fire probes that will be attracted to certain objects and will activate them on contact. This opens up new gameplay options. The level designers can simply trigger level events using visual scripting.


[DEV] Slow Motion

This week I created a slow motion effect that is activated with right mouse button. It’s to help the player make difficult jumps. For now it drains your dash power so you have to use it sparingly.