[ART] Second level

Last week I’ve finally gotten to finalise the second level in our game! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out to look. Although some jumping parts are a little bit too difficult and I still have to change those. Here are some pictures of it!


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[ART]Menu, ui and ivy

Hello guys!

This week I did a lot on our game in the likes of designing the UI and menu.Menu.png

This is the Ui design I’ve made and implemented in the game. For this I had to design buttons, sliders, dropdown boxes etc. as well as the main composition of the buttons.


In this picture are 3 things that I’ve added over the last week. The target point on the ground to make it easier to relate your character to the floor, the UI to know how many jumps, dashes and slow-mo you have left in the tank and the aiming reticle in the middle.


After that I’ve added an easier and cheaper way to add ivy so we dont have to add a few million ivy planes but just a couple.


[ART]Level Design and decoration

Last week I’ve spend most of my week thinking, designing and decorating a new level for our game!

The main idea behind it is that you leave the area that your civilisation build and enter the caves to get to the surface. In the caves they have build some structures to help you get to where you want. This way you have to follow the build structures to navigate your way trough the cave.

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Its certainly not finished yet and I have to do a whole lot more in it like adding foliage, adding more variety in the rocks, setting the mood etc. but it’s getting there! Most of the rooms and jumping parts are already set and ready to be played. Next week I’m going to finish it so it will be able to be played!

Definitely worth to download our builds and to check later on the release of this new level!



This week I’ve made around 10 rockmeshes to fill up the natural space where humans didn’t build their big structures.


I’ve also combined them into a bigger wallmesh to easily fill up big spaces at once.



[ART]PortalHub and StoneMeshes

This week I’ve spend most of my time working on taking the idea of the artlevel Olmo created and making the portalhub out of it. The main idea is that you have 4 sides with 4 differnt portals to go to the different levels. With a small jumping puzzle you get to the desired portal.

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After that I started with making the hi poly meshes of the environmental rocks. Those will be used to fill up the non human made environment.


[Art] Folliage, material and presentatio

Last week I mainly worked on folliage. The goal was to create an art level which looked exactly like how the end result would look. My job was to make all the plants in there.


After that I’ve adjusted my material from earlier to look more cartoony with less values. I kept only the big and medium details and used a noise generator that olmo created to have the more cartoony look.


Finally I’ve made a presentation that we could use for the milestone we had. I took some slides from the art document and some from the pitch doc what still remained of the initial idea and then adjusted and made some new pages as well.



[Art]Procedural materials and plants for the diorama

Last week I’ve been busy creating some procedural materials for in our level. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials as well because it was my first big and complex material in substance designer. In the mean time I have tried to find a solution for a problem that occured to me as well. The problem was that I couldn’t save, open and adjust a material anymore. After I saved my material and closed it, it was locked for some weird reason. I had to post on a lot of forums and I’m currently mailing with an allegorithmic staff member to get the issue fixed.


This was a test material to see if it worked but the problem was still there like you can see written in the yellow text.

So that was it for the problems of this week, now onto the exiting stuff!

These are 3 different setups of the material I’ve created. It is certainly not perfect yet and it will need more work to really make the material ready for the final result but at this point it’s far enough that I can start using it already. You can make the tiles clean, dirty, add moss, let the material don’t have tiles at all, make a lot of tiles. It’s all adjustable in Unreal Engine with a few sliders!


This is how I’ve created it:


It looks a bit messy but if you go over it it’s not that hard to understand at all actually.

And finally some screenshots from the diorama where I’ve added plants and the material!




[Art]New Test Level

Last week I’ve made a new test level. I’ve made this new one because the old one became obsolete because of the tweaks on the character movement. It became way to small for the double jumps and dashes implemented.

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[Art]Testing ground

Last week I’ve made a small cave as a testing ground for the programmers. As they are trying to make the movement and jump mechanics feel really smooth we had to make something to easily test this.