[Art] Animation retargeting, creation and blending / Playtest level

After weeks of technical problems due to the 4.14 update, I finally wanted to finish the animations of the player avatar. I wanted to make all traversal feel good, since movement is the most important aspec of our game. I had to retarget animations from mixamo to theĀ avatar skeleton, which was a difficult process. This is because standard 3DS max skeletons use collarbone joints and mixamo skeletons use shoulder joints. After a lot of iteration I finally got it right, I guess i created some funny bugs in the process.

2d1b32111c2ce62752c51bef1e96c5108cba2aab6be71b29556b5eba6d5e8988Some Examples of animation-retargeting bugs.

Now that I could transfer mixamo animations, I needed to recreate or rework a lot them. Some animations didn’t loop or had root motion baked in, some i basically recreated from scratch. Then I started blending the animations together in the animation Blueprint. I wanted the transitions to feel very smooth, so that it would be a joy to control the player character.

3422f1ff3e3d68cfbfa6b429c78c134aa1d9e8fa7ceb8915e458bdf30e9282f4Examples of animation blending.

Then I added some particle effects to some animations to make them feel better, like to the dash an the wallrun.

294d5b4035d96153c0ed1303fdfb929b.gif50f156b59bb9e8fe6b84dadcddcd6dfdExamples of animations with particle effects.

We also weren’t happy with the level Tigo created for the playtest-class, because we thought it would be too difficult for new players. So I quickly created a new level for the playtest, with a built in tutorial. It is very straightforward, so that the new player isn’t confused about where he/she should go.

screenshot_01screenshot_03screenshot_02Screenshots of the Playtest-level.

Olmo Potums

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