[Art] – Character designs, Custom noise generation and reworked materials

I spent most of my time during the holidays on the Graduation Project milestone, so my work-output wasn’t spectacular for the Game Projects course.
After a lot of thumbnailing, I finally have a main character silhouette that I am happy with. She will have a slender build, to accentuate her speed and agility. However, Her upper legs are very big, to make her high jumps believable. The cloak has been a constant design element since the beginning of the project, although it has become less all-encompassing as before. She will have some robotic parts and some organic parts, but everything will be covered. She doesn’t have armor because the game has no combat.

sketches_02sketches_03Examples of thumbnail-designs for the main character.

Another thing I worked on was the procedural generation of noise maps for stylized textures. The material definition has become a bit too realistic in the latest weeks, so I tried to develop a node that can be used in Substance-software to generate grunge maps. These maps are designed to be used for the creation of more stylized textures. This is important because we will need to finish our test-scene by next week.

noisegenerationSome examples of stylized grunge-maps generated by my substance node-network.

stylizedmatelExample of a metal-material generated with my custom noise functionality.

Olmo Potums.

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