[Art] NVDIA PhysX Cloth Simulation

An important part of our game’s aesthetic is the cloak of our main character. We would like to make it move in a realistic fashion with the help of PhysX. The idea behind it is that the character’s nimble movements get enhanced by the fluttering cape.

Although the PhysX engine is pretty robust, a lot of technical tweaking is necessary to make it work in a real-time environment. I used a simple testcharacter I already rigged and attatched the cloth asset to the skeleton. The trickiest part is setting up the collisions for the cloak, to make sure it doesn’t clip trough the character.

clothsimPhysX Cloth Setup in 3DS max

clothsim02PhysX Cloth setup in Unreal

After I set up everything in Unreal, I imported some test animations and quickly made a functional Avatar based on the third person template in Unreal.

clothgifPreviews of animations in Unreal with PhysX cloth enabled.

clothgif02Playable Character in Unreal with PhysX cloth enabled.

There is still a lot of tweaking to do, but the base functionality is there.

Olmo Potums

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