[Art] Overhaul of the environment art

With the milestone quickly approaching, we had to nail down the style of our game. We had an internal deadline to have a small environment fully worked out by the first milestone. In the previous weeks we were making our materials way too realistic, while we were actually trying to achieve a more stylized result. Also, the first tests with sculpting environment assets were not up to the standard we set for ourselves. The result: we had to remake almost all the static meshes in our game. It was a lot of work, but I’m happy about the result.

artstyle_olmo_01artstyle_olmo_02Example of environment assets. They are stylized but still take advantage of full PBR shading.

We also finished the design of an important aspect of our game, the Fusion Points. The goal of every level is to reactivate a Fusion Point and bring the environment back to life. They basically are the big milestone points in the game. Because of this, we wanted to have an iconic design for this object. I think it worked out pretty well.

bpr_renderSculpt of the Fusion Point Mesh.

When all the assets were ready, we had to put them together in an environment. We wanted to have dramatic, directional lighting in combination with small environment light in the scene itself. Another important element was the height fog that obscures the depths of the pits where the player jumps over. All of this creates a mysterious and adventurous atmosphere that we’re pretty happy with. The only thing we dont know yet is what we are going to put in the far distance of the levels.

highresscreenshot00000highresscreenshot00001highresscreenshot00003Screenshots of the final environment Art-test.

Olmo Potums

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