[Art] Rechargefield Meshes/ Ghost platforms / Character sculpt

I created the meshes and the functionality for the rechargefields. These are fields of energy that can have different effects on the Avatar.

4d9057af19d19192a166e9027868834041b649957ae3c463e23793dd9b1c5da7e979dee66e0b0f09996bf6e9a55a14a2Different meshes and effects for the rechargefields

I also developed a new sort of platform that switches from active to inactive if you press the left trigger. This feature is still a bit experimental.

4f7d0af46f1eb7324c78735717bf316e.gifGhostplatform mechanic

I also made a lot of small tweaks, like the animation for the gate doors.

d5b39d0568bc334e84a245ebf31f186e.gifGate animation

Olmo Potums

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