[Art] Skeletal mesh and Cloth issues in 4.14

It was my job to implement the Avatar mesh with correct animations in the game. I started out with finishing the low-poly mesh. That meant finalizing the design on some aspects of the character. The hardest design elements to create were the legs and the feet. After some experimenting I was pleased with the result.

legsLow-poly mesh of the legs and feet of the character

After this I rigged the main character, this was a pretty straightforward process.

3d275cc6bec36654cd3fe816a65a29ccStress test of the character rig

Then I started implementing the cloth physics on the main character. Since I already knew the workflow of APEX cloth, this went relatively smoothly.

zadazfazfzaApex cloth setup in 3DS Max

However, when I started implementing all my work into the Unreal Engine, everything fell apart. Apparently Apex cloth doesn’t work with the 4.14 release of Unreal. I realized this after about a day of troubleshooting.

b6cc6cb3b597ac8a20a3bbfde7049e80Cloth errors in Unreal 4.14

When I tried to implement the cloth physics in a 4.13 Unreal project, everything worked fine.

ae543d170e3658e6294dc897c473bc85Correct Cloth implementation in Unreal 4.13

Also everything else related to animations and skeletal meshes is broken in some way in 4.14. We wanted to use animation retargeting to use some animations we found online, but this feature also doesnt work with the newest Unreal version.

2086a1f3ff125e0ecd1d05c1069cde4cEarly test of animation retargeting in 4.13, it still has a lot of issues, but at least it works.

Olmo Potums

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