[DEV] Back to 1.13, spline system, steamlined code and improved code

Last week started off with one day hell and back, we reverted back from unreal engine 1.14 to 1.13 due to progress limiting bugs in the 1.14 version of the engine. This was not easy and basically meant that we had to revert back to a project from a week before and implement everything back manually since the unreal assets do not work in previous versions. So if anyone actually reads these posts, I can give you one tip, do never update to the last version of an engine no matter how shiny the new features are, the bugs will be worse (some example of the biggest ones where imports for skeletal meshes where totally broken and crashed the editor, cloth physics where broken, etc..).

After that I started on a spline system that would be used for a new shader Nico is making with a hotspot on it that moves between checkpoints and activates actors around it (lighting it up). 6e6aed0f6ecf8b5e4bbeb6eeb7f6d70b

Other than that I did alot of tweaks to existing code and blueprints to allow Olmo to put the animations in more easily and fixed alot of bugs that came with it and became clear after implementing the final animations. Especially the wallrun needed alot fo fixes to work well in 2 ways since I only tested that before in one position and rotation.

Finally I just did some general stuff to make sure the experience the other students who tested our game got was the best we could give.

– Maxim

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